Monday, September 8, 2008

DVD 1st Day preview

To the readers of this new blog,

This is my first entry and it begins with a small yet positive lesson.
That lesson is..... do not allow a teacher video tape you without your knowledge that other people will be able to buy the disc and see how bad you are...... that is of course unless you choose to use what you see as a tool on what others did wrong and what you, yourself did wrong.
- :-) Just kidding…..

I personally felt that one must remember that even though we are teaching ourselves, we are being trained to instruct people that might not possess the necessary skills. I gave way too many cues and was greatly annoyed with the fact that I was not as precise as I would have preferred.

I found that I also tried giving certain cues such as: [1] make a “V” with the ball, and [2] slide body weight like ice-skating. However, I used too much instruction with too many complicated words.

Another thing I noticed I did over some others is that after the initial skill that I taught, was the feedback I was giving to almost every person.

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