Sunday, November 2, 2008

Instruction..... How Much Is Too Much?

Class.... it seems that the term class often reminds us of a teaching giving us constant instruction and lectures with us, students, just sitting there and listening and hopefully learning........ hopefully.

But what happens when we think of Physical Ed.? Well we once called it Gym class, but if we breakdown the name, Physical Education most think of instruction in the subject of Physical Activity. When I think about it, I usually feel that any situation should involve learning via instruction and activity, but how much? What is the right amount of intruction, and how much should we allow for the students to learn through own physical self-education?

Using special forms designed by my professors at SUNY Cortland, I can analyze how much Instruction and activity is undergone during my teaching lessons. The Key to the design is to help you learn how to balance the right amount of instruction to the right amount of physical activity. Another key form is the feedback analysis form, which greatly helps us learn how to properly express positive feedback to the students.

Using these forms, I noticed I have been using way too much instruction and did not reach the point of Phys Ed. lesson which is, Action.

For my readers, here is my Lab C Packet, to this date.