Thursday, October 30, 2008

Prepared.... Or Not?? That Is the Question!

Teaching, Coaching, Training, Working.....
What do all these words have in common? The fact that all work best if planned prior to the event. True, all can be done on the whim, while still providing a good source of learning. However, can a project that is for a major company truly work great if the foundation is off because of lack of organization or planning? Can you receive the most benefits from training if you work out the wrong muscles consistently due to lack of organization? Can a teacher or coach get the most out of their kids during skills or game related scenarios if the teacher or coach is unprepared? There is no way. Having my father a soccer coach, and myself a soccer coach, I learned that kids will pick a coach apart if the coach is unprepared for a practice or game. Children are not smart and know what they can and cannot do, due to the structure of that particular day. The beauty of that..... teaching is exactly the same way. Students love to push to see what will be possible, and sometimes this is simply due to the lack of challenge for highly skilled student.

There are many ways to be prepared; note-cards, clip-boards, having semi-visual aids [for yourself], and there's the Lesson-plan. Probably one of the most helpful tools to anyone that is planning o instructing a group on activities. A lesson-plan is another designed method to break-down the skills into an organized system from least difficult to most, while giving one's self a reminder on how long each activity should be done and helps him/her doing the teaching to remember the main objectives of the class.

Something interesting is this short music video of how organization can truly be put to work in a proper context.

I feel I must point out that there are more than 100 prisoners in this video, and not all of them are the main dancers. Do you think whoever organized this would have been able to without some planning? Just a question I leave you with today.