Sunday, September 21, 2008

Blog #2.... mistake #2??

Today I was given another oppurtunity to watch myself teach during a simple yet complicated skill. The skill was yet again the cross-over dribble. Something great is how simple I made the cues for the cross-over basketball dribble skill. "Bounce-V-Bounce". However, while one such as myself, worked hard not to make anything too complicated, I found myself making another mistake..... too many people standing around not being as involved with the activity.

Someone might ask..... Why is that such a big deal??

heres the simple answers:....

1] gives children not involved chance to goof off

2] it is boring for kids.... think about it, lines..... chidlren are in them all the time, to class, from class, why would a child want to be in a line while inside what is supposed to be a fun activity class?

3] not enough children would be learning..... they would be more reinforcing either what they already know, or what they do not know.

So my solution to the future teachers out there....

When teaching new skills to children, try to avoid lines, and if it is impossible to avoid, make as many lines as possible to get the most out of your kids.

Then follow it up with a game that requires many uses of that skill.

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